Areas Of Activity

Road Planning
Early and detailed planning of both urban and interurban roads as well as highways, intersections, interchanges and roundabouts; Chief planner level planning management and coordination, including authorities coordination, infrastructures, tenders and supervision.

Site Development
Land, roads and infrastructures development planning, for cities and localities, neighborhoods, industrial and commerce areas, security forces facilities, cargo terminals and photovoltaic sites.

Statutory Escort
Planning of traffic appendices for municipal zoning, transportation network planning for outline and master plans and submission of detailed road plans.

Traffic Engineering
Traffic and parking arrangement planning, parking lots, signage and traffic management systems, transport implications examining for different land-uses constructional projects, ongoing consulting for the infrastructural construction administration in Tel Aviv municipality, for municipal companies and private construction companies.

Green Traffic Engineering
Bicycle paths, pedestrian planning, high-capacity crosswalks, traffic moderation means and traffic system planning, with preference for public transport.

Road Signage
Development of cross-country municipal signage regulations for the ministry of transport. Planning, inspection and supervision for national signage of interurban roads and tourist sites.

Public Transport
Public transport lines network planning, combination of means and feeding lines, land use coordination, facilities and terminals. Special population needs and public inclusion. Preparation and implementation planning for operational specifications. Assessment of quality of service measures. Planning of special transportation arrangements.

Transportation Models, Traffic and Passenger Forecasts
Development and implementation of transportation models, microsimulation models and dynamic assignment, to produce traffic forecasts and demand estimations.

Transportation Information Systems and GIS
Building and maintenance of databases, information systems and GIS applications, development of unique costumer-customed applications, conversion and merging of GIS data from multiple sources, profound expertise in public transport lines, data collection methods development and transportation survey planning.

Transportation Policy Planning and Management
Consulting and developing of transportation policy measures, transportation systems and transportation economy; Planning and maintaining of transportation outline and master plans in a comprehensive strategic prism, while developing tools to share with the public.

Business Geography
Spatial behavior and causes of influence analysis on the social-economic level of activity, use of behavioral models as a tool for business development.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Characterization and development of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Dynamic signage and lane control systems, traffic control and electronic tolling systems escort and planning supervision, traffic control strategy development, building traffic procedures and work guidelines, training courses for control centers, project management and infrastructure planning for ITS systems.

Light Rail
PGL’s diverse skills and expertise are reflected in its special activity in NTA (Tel-Aviv light rail company), which is responsible for the planning and execution of mass transit system in Tel Aviv metropolitan area and its surroundings. We have developed a traffic and demands forecast model, including long term demographic forecasts for NTA. These means are used as a primary tool in supporting every planning and construction move in the light rail project.