PGL Transportation Engineering and Planning Ltd. is a multidisciplinary company, in the field of transportation, and is one of the leading companies in Israel in that area. The company specializes in many services in all fields of transportation planning, construction site development, traffic engineering, road signs, road engineering and military and civil infrastructures, both in the public and in the private sector, with an emphasis on leadership, innovation, and environmental and social responsibility.

Leadership, Innovation and Responsibility

Since its founding, in 1994, the company is constantly developing, operating, influencing and leading trends in its field of expertise. The company participates in conventions both in Israel and abroad and has presented unique applications in transportation planning, which were greatly appreciated both in Israel as well as in the world.

Unique Leadership Culture

PGL provides advanced solutions, while constantly searching for ways and technologies, in order to address social, financial and environmental issues, for the benefit of the community.

Green Engineering and Environmental Protection

The company’s goal is to provide quality transportation services, using state-of-the-art technologies, while protecting the environment and the existing social fabric. The company occupies a leading and influencing role in the field of transportation planning in Israel in general, and in promoting environmental-friendly transportation systems in particular.

Human Capital

PGL sees its professional team as one of the greatest assets it holds, which is a first-class advantage and the foundation of its success. The company, which is Israel’s one of the biggest companies in the field, is hiring about 40 professionals with many years of seniority and experience  – road, traffic and transportation engineers, transportation planners, city planners, public policy experts, geographers, economists as well as system and development engineers.

Multidisciplinary Operation

The varied team enables planning and execution of multidisciplinary projects while creatively incorporating the different company’s fields of expertise. The employees, with their abilities and commitment to the costumers and the company’s vision, are the reputation on which the company relies. As a result, the company can provide a finished, creative and high-quality product, tailored for the costumer’s needs. The various costumers and projects testify for the company’s abilities and diversity.